Who We Are?

SemperTeam the software company with the development branch in Central Europe.
We cooperate with private medical facilities, insurance companies, event companies, online education and finance’s service providers, active start-ups.
We are leading the product from specifications and design to project’s architecture design, server configuration and loading optimization.
In-depth business analytical skills and management skills makes our customer relations effective and our clients – happy!

Our Services


All your business in your device. Magic? SemperTeam.


Potential for unlimited growing here!

Real Time Updating

View all data in real time between all components of your product.


Our expertise and solutions help our customers save time and money.


Infrastructure, optimization of high-loading, give our customers safety of all data.


Hight quality in every part of product.

How It works?

  • Send your project requirements
  • Estimate and meeting. Deciding of details.
  • Sing the contract and payment plan
  • Scope of work confirmation.
  • Start development.



Development TO DO app like a trello. Main features: Authorization, make deal rooms, make boards, make cards, setup deadlines, invite and attach members.

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Fatster mobile app

Development mobile app via React Native and Node js. The mobile application for help people to lose weight together with buddies!

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Our team developed ICO project for Lead Coin. Great design and secure functionality – super impressions for clients! ICO development cosist of: Technical specifications development; Design development; Dashboard development; Landing editor.

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Optimize your Pricing.Increase your profitability.Make use of our Machine Learning based software solution to set optimal prices on product level and maximize your business goals.

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JSA Cloud

JSACloud is a cloud-based application enabling companies of all sizes to effectively manage their job safety programs from any desktop or mobile device. This digital solution makes it easy for your safety professionals to create JSAs, communicate with workers in the field, report and analyze safety data, and standardize safety policies.

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Sobra raport

Mobile application for creation report for constructions companies. User can create contractors list with qualifications, schedule day.

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Coupons&Loyalty Reward System

The reward system consist of control panel and mobile apps. Main goal is grow revenue of business. How? Simple. Give you clients a lot of abilities use your services more profitably.

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Check out what clients say

We have been working with SemperTeam during 2 year and SemperTeam done a great job on our projects. Sometimes we were not clean in requirements and specifications, but creative view from their side always provide us a big area for make a best choice. Highly recommend.



Founder, FATSTER

We have been working with SemperTeam during last 5 years. During this time we finished more than 10 projects and our clients are very satisfied on quality of works. SemperTeam always high attention to details and following latest modern trends.

Nathan Revill


Co-Founder & Director of Creative Technologies at award-winning software development company, Dorset Creative.