JSA Cloud

JSACloud is a cloud-based application enabling companies of all sizes to effectively manage their job safety programs from any desktop or mobile device. This digital solution makes it easy for your safety professionals to create JSAs, communicate with workers in the field, report and analyze safety data, and standardize safety policies.

JSACloud Professional is designed to increase the productivity of safety professionals by providing them with a digital tool to create Job Safety Analysis forms, communicate with the field, and remain in compliance with OSHA and EHS requirements. It has an easy, intuitive set-up process and enables the user to store their data on their mobile device (Basic subscription) or in the cloud (Premium subscription) for added protection in case of a problem with one’s smartphone or tablet.

You can organize JSAs in advance of projects, synchronize data between devices, and easily access reports and checklists as needed. Reports for management, OSHA, and insurers are at your fingertips whenever they are requested. Workers can sign off on JSAs daily on a smartphone or tablet.

The JSACloud Enterprise version addresses companies that require more sophisticated data analytics, root cause analysis for incidents, integration with other applications such as human resources software, and higher level reporting.You can track all of your projects from one dashboard, customize templates, access the application from your desktop as well as mobile devices, and quickly share data with multiple users.

Capabilities such as correlation reporting allow you to pinpoint opportunities for improvement in safety policies and measure their effectiveness.